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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scones and Soup

Hello everyone from Ten Gables cottage,

At my church, I help with a senior group called "Seasoned Seniors", meaning"spicy", not old! So tomorrow we are having a tea and I made scones this morning to take. I made two kinds, the first ones were apricot scones and I posted the recipe earlier this month for those. The second batch is nutmeg, raisin scones and below is a picture of the scored bread as it looks when it comes out of the oven.

It looks pretty Yummy! Below is a photo of the cut scones--just add some Devonshire cream (pardon me, Mark) and some guava jelly and what a treat!

I am taking curried chicken salad sandwiches, also, so I cooked some chicken breasts and then decided to make soup for lunch, as well, and some extra soup to take to my neighbor, Margaret, who is confined to her home this week with double pneumonia. I hope she will feel like eating the soup. It really does help when one is sick!

We had soup for lunch and it was really good, chock full of veggies and chunks of chicken.
I hope I have succeeded in making you hungry!!Have a great day, Egretta


  1. Hey, you guys certainly do eat well! My mother-in-law is part of a little group of friends who go out for lunch together occasionally. They call themselves "The Ladies who Lunch".
    I share your view on the merits of chicken soup - it's very therapeutic, isn't it?

  2. Your food looks delicious. Yum! I like the theme 'Ladies who Lunch'.