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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Music, sea shells and ornamental kale.......

Hello everyone from Ten Gables,

Have we ever been busy here! I mentioned before that I had company, my brother and his wife. We have been having much fun and doing some interesting things. We went to Sanibel and Captiva Islands and Ft. Myers. We visited Thomas Edison's home in Ft. Myers and it was so very beautiful and interesting. What a wonderful inventor he was! On the islands, we did some shelling, braving the fierce wind and cold. Back at home, we had an appointment at a recording studio to record a song I wrote.

What an experience! My brother plays the mandolin and is quite good. I TRY to play the mountain dulcimer and have been trying for about two years only. After my mother passed away in 2008, a little tune came into my head while I was driving to dulcimer lessons. I can read music as I took many piano lessons years ago,so I wrote down the music. The hard part was putting words to the music, because how can you put in a few words how much your mother has meant to you and other people?

Anyway, eventually I did get some words written and the song fine-tuned, so to speak! I surprised my brother by setting up a recording session and we recorded it together! It turned out pretty good for giving to our children, which is what we want to do. We will never be great musicians, but what fun it was to do this together. And now we have a memory piece for the grandchildren and for ourselves. Above is a photo of us with our instruments.

Here are the shells we gathered on the beach in Sanibel. They are freshly washed and laid out to dry. My sister in law and I plan to help our grandchildren make something with them, maybe a little covered frame or box. They love crafts and we love to do things with the children....making more memories!

Lastly, here is a photo of ornamental Kale I planted with some flowers as a border in a flower bed. I love the purple in the Kale and hope it thrives and makes beautiful heads. A future painting, maybe!

Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for looking at my blog!


  1. Egretta, it's great to hear you talk like this about Family! Rather later in life than I would have wished, I have discovered that family means such a lot to me. I think it has been the advent of my grand-daughter Lara that has done this.
    Unfortunately (unlike you)I have no musical talents, so I won't be recording anything for my grand-kids! Perhaps my legacy to them will be a love of gardening.

  2. Sounds like a great week. Looking forward to hearing your recording.

  3. Mark, as I wrote in the song, the best legacy is love. Happy Valentine's day to you.

    Happy Valentine's day, Kelli, and I look forward to you hearing the song!