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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Friday, January 31, 2014

Broccoli and Cabbage

Oh Dear, I am still having all kinds of trouble blogging since they changed some things on posting photos. Maybe eventually, I will work it out! Anyway here are a couple of photos from my little winter garden. I have been harvesting broccoli and when you pick some, more comes up on sprouts. It is so good! The original head was all together on this plant, but after cutting it, then sprouts appear with more broccoli tips. I adore broccoli...I suppose it is my favorite veg.
The cabbages are doing great, too. I haven't harvested one yet, but this one is about ready. Fresh Cole Slaw sounds really good. I got a new recipe this Fall for Spagetti Cole Slaw that is sooooo good. You grate about a cup of cabbage and mix it with about 6 ounces of cooked and drained Spagetti. Add some chopped onion and green pepper, a Tablespoon full of sugar or more to taste and then use Marsetta slaw dressing to moisten the whole. Oh, it is delicious! I took some to a Pot Luck at church and it went well, with everyone wanting the recipe.

The weather here in Florida is much improved today. The rain has quit and the temperature has gone up to 70, with tomorrow to be a high of 81. Yes! I love bright sunny days. It certainly elevates one's mood.
Hope you have a nice weekend, that all the snow is melting if you got some, and that your winter garden is also doing well.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Decorating for Valentine's Day

Hello Everyone, I haven't been blogging very often and since getting back to it, I see things have changed and I am finding it very hard to get this blog on the computer! Not that I am any kind of computer whiz or even a computer PERSON. I really dislike using the computer in lots of ways, but I am giving it a try! How do the rest of you feel about it? Sometimes I think I will just quit blogging, but then I have made so many blogging friends. Anyway, I will try again to get this going!
It is getting close to Valentine's day, which is one of my favorite holidays simply because I am a romantic and I love hearts, I love candy, I love flowers...what's not to love about Valentine's Day"
So every year,right after taking down the Christmas decorations, I put up Valentine's decorations. Actually the little feather tree below was left up and the decorations just changed. The Annalee dolls below the tree were gifts and they are adorable!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Florida Fine Feathered Friends

Hi Everyone,
We have so many birds around now that it is cold all over much of the United States, and many birds spend those cold months in Florida. Of course, there are many here who live here all the time. Among them are Sea Gulls and Sand Hill Cranes.  I took my grandson to the "beach"  here, which is really sand around the Big Lake, and we fed the birds. We sat in the car with windows down and some of the gulls almost flew right in the windows, much to the excitement of my grandson! It was fun. Once we were there feeding the birds and a car of "Snow Birds" went by and slowed down. You know what "Snow Birds" are, don't you? You may be one! They are folks who come from other states to winter in the warm Florida weather. Most of them are lovely, sweet people and are helpful to Florida's economy, but there are a few hateful ones, just like from anywhere else. So the slowed down car had a hateful old man calling out, "Stop throwing rocks at the birds, little boy!" Well, he sounded so mean and it scared my grandson, so I called back that we were FEEDING the birds and he retorted, " I'll Bet!"  Then they drove on. Needless to say, I called after him to come back to talk, but of course they were off, probably saying how awful we were to throw rocks at birds. You know, people need to know the facts before opening their mouths!! And especially to little children.

Well, here are the lovely
Sand Hill Cranes back in our yard again. They are so elegant and always one will watch while one forages.
I hope they nest close by and bring a chick or two for us to see.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Paint rag

Hello Everyone,
It is the 4th of January already and the New Year has started out very busy for me, with unexpected things happening. Isn't that what makes life so interesting? Never a dull moment!
I told you about my gardening resolution and now I will discuss my painting resolution, too. Every year I make practically the same resolutions....you know, lose weight, get fit, paint that masterpeice. This year I am adding more attainable and interesting resolutions, such as appreciate my paint rags! If I can't paint every single day and I do an absolutely awful painting, then just take a moment and look at my paint rag. Here is one above. I mean, I could frame that! It looks like a garden of flowers. I love the movement, the color, the way it flows. It would probably look great at any angle, even upside down, if it even had an "upside". So when I am discouraged because I had no time to paint because life gets in the way, all I have to do is look at my paint rags. They are often better than my paintings! And they are modern. There is no subject matter, so you are free to "see" whatever you want in them. Your imagination can just soar!There is art hanging around my studio that I didn't even dream about. There are palettes with blobs of bright colors in interesting shapes, there are pots of slightly tinted paint water sparkling in the sunlight. And totally beautiful paint rags. It is a happy place. Wish you were here!