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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Golden tree and a good quilt show

Greetings from Ten Gables cottage,
It is a glorious day here---in the 70's, lots of sun and an almost cloudless sky, gentle breezes! A Perfect Day!
I wanted you to see how many more blooms there are on the Golden Tree. It is stunning!

Today I went to the biannual quilt show at Buckhead Ridge, a neighboring community. It was really nice and there were many, many lovely quilts. Here are a few of them. This one was made by a lady in my quilt group and it is hand appliqued and hand quilted. I love quilts that are all done by hand. That is the way my great grandmother, grandmother and mother made them. Now days many quilts are machine made and some are very beautiful, too. It takes skill to machine quilt them beautifully, but still I love the hand made ones!

Notice the prairie points as the ending border on this one.

The colors in this one are very attractive. I like how it is put together, too with the sashing with brown on each side. Click to see a closer view.

This quilt won a first in the applique division. It is impeccably done and is very beautiful It is machine quilted and I would have preferred hand quilted. Still, it is a fabulous quilt!

This one below got a third place ribbon. I would have hated to be the judge! What a beautiful one this is, with different size blocks and put together with a pretty floral sashing.

I think this one is 3 dimensional. There were several appliqued dimensional ones. That must be hard to do and take loads of time.

I liked the creamy tan background of this one, too.

This is a favorite pattern of mine done in a different way. It is called Dresden Plate and I think this one is a modern take on an old tyme pattern. Very nice and bold.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the quilts in the quilt show.
By the way, I won a door prize! A basket of jam and jelly! And I will tell you a secret--when you sign up for a door prize, always wad your paper that you signed thoroughly before putting it in the bowl. Who ever sticks in their hand to draw will feel the crinkles and grab it!! It works!
Have a great weekend! Egretta


  1. Those quilts look stunning. Did you enter any of yours?

  2. No, Mark, I just give mine to family except the one I made for the church bazaar.

  3. Beautiful quilts. What about showing some you have made!?