Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Crafty Things

Hello Everyone,  I have just completed embroidering 12 little 9 inch quilt squares for a baby quilt.  I will be putting it together today at church in our quilting group, and it will be for sale at our church bazaar in November.  The summer here is so hot that it is a great time to stay indoors and work on handwork. I was taught as a child how to embroidery.  My mother was a great seamstress and could do crewel embroidery, regular embroidery with all the different stitches, as well as needlepoint and quilting, so I learned them all before I was a teen.  By my teen years, I made all my clothes.  I always loved anything at all that you use your hands and is a bit creative.

These squares were already printed with a design. I found them on the internet and they were very inexpensive.  Many of them were worked on while my husband was in the hospital with knee surgery and I was with  him.  It sure helped pass that time!

I will be setting the quilt up with pink checked gingham fabric and will post the finished quilt.

This cute pincushion is not one I made; I bought it in a new shop we have here.  I thought I might make some similar myself to sell at our bazaar.

It is one you can wear on your wrist...see the elastic band?  Underneath it, on the back the lady who made it wrote "Sew Pretty".  Neat, isn't it? I just love anything with "yo-yo's" on it!
I also bought these cute coasters cut from an old faded quilt.  They were just cut out and then a zigzag stitch put around the edges.  How simple and how clever! I think I have an old "cutter" quilt here that I bought just for crafts, so I will be making some of these too.  Now is the time to start on Christmas gift crafts and crafts for the church bazaar.  I have more things to show you coming up later!  See you then!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Garden Walk

Hi Everyone,  I took a walk this afternoon before our daily afternoon storm! I cannot believe all the rain we have had this summer...nearly every day several inches of rain!  The Crape Myrtle tree in the front yard has been blooming since the last of May and is so pretty!

I planted a crouton on each side of the steps at the front porch back in winter and now they are big and so pretty. They will look great in the Fall with some pumpkins scattered around. It will almost seem like Fall foliage, and in Florida we don't have a lot of leaves changing colors in Fall. Fall is subtle, but it does come. After living here for many years, I can recognize it. Usually in late August and early Sept., I do "feel" Fall coming.  It has been a hot summer, so I am looking forward to cooler days.

And guess who is out in the yard, of course? It's Sammie and she is looking at a Bumblebee.  She is so curious about everything and being only 4 months old, everything is exciting to her. And sometimes scary! The first time she saw grass blowing in the wind, she got scared!

Here is the bumblebee.  After trying a few times, I finally got a shot I could post! They love the Cosmos, and it has reseeded from last year and keeps reseeding until it is almost out of hand again.

See what I mean. Not a very tidy patch of flowers!
Doesn't Sammie look sleepy and sad faced?  She's growing and about all she does is eat and sleep and plays with her toys. Her favorite play thing, besides our fingers to chew on, are old socks. I make little sock pouches by putting one sock in another and tying a knot near the top. They make a great chew and pull toy and she prefers it to even squeaky store-bought toys. Bob had her out for a walk and from the looks of her, she is probably napping in his lap by now!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Puppy Love

Hi Everyone, 
Oh, My, but this puppy is a busy little thing! Sammy! She is on the go when she isn't sleeping or eating, or doing the other thing puppies do so well. You KNOW what that is!! I will say her training is going well except at night. That is when she is trying to train me. Last night I was up at 2:30, taking her out. She let me know by whimpering and I awoke and  got her outside.  Then back in her crate and said "goodnight" and back to bed for me. Until about 4:30, when she started whining and barking softly, so back up and oh, my! What a mess. Then I had to not only wash her bed and the crate, but give her a bath. Not fun at that time of the morning!  Then it was time for her breakfast, some play time, back out, then she was down for a nap in my hubby's lap. He was ready for one by that time, too!
Let me tell you....this looks like the sleep of the innocent, but don't be deceived. This little Sammy can wear you out in a short time. Notice that she has one eye open.  Must be thinking up some mischief for later!She's busy and she's growing and she is always in your business! She pulls the clothes back out of the dryer, as you put them in. She tries to "help" you with whatever you are doing. Thank goodness for her crate! When I cook, she has to be crated...gets either a rawhide chew or a piece of ice to chew on. I can't have her under foot. 
But she is adorable and we are enjoying her , except in the middle of the night!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Garden Stroll and Name that Antique

Hi Everyone, 
It is a hot day in Florida and this afternoon, on my stroll I saw that many of the flowers were suffering from the heat and looked slightly wilted. It has been about 90 or more every day this past week, but late in the afternoon, we get a storm that really cools things down. It will rain as much as several inches and then a half hour later, you can walk out on dry ground, thanks to sandy soil and the sun returning.

I saw a beautiful butterfly flitting from one flower to the next and it is very hard to get photos of them.

This photo is blurred, but I am including it, because you can see more of butterfly than in the clear photo.

A Double Hibiscus

Cosmos that reseeded from last summer.

Now, here is the question of the day! This is an antique and I know what it is and what it's purpose used to be. Do you?? I am not going to tell yet, so let's see how many of you know. Let me say that it is not a garden instrument. I will give you a hint....my grandmother would have used it in the kitchen. Name this Antique!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Boy's Best Friend

Hi Everyone, I hope you are having a great Sunday afternoon! My newly turned 13 year old grandson, Austin, is visiting for a few days and he and little Sammie have become fast friends! Austin has wanted a dog for a long time and because of his parent's schedules and school and sports, it has not been possible, so he was thrilled when we got little Sammie. It took Sammie about one minute to lick Austin from head to toe and sit in his lap and sleep after playing like a wild thing for 30 minutes. I am enjoying having a "dog sitter" at times to give me more painting time. Sammie is a good little girl, though, and because she is only 12 weeks of age, she still takes a bunch of long naps during the day and basically sleeps all night...only up once for potty time. She is getting very good about house training and now can sit up  for a treat!  My older grandson, Andrew has not seen Sammie yet, but trust me that he will love her, too. Sigh...is there anything cuter than boys and dogs together?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Puppy...SAMMIE

Hi Everyone,  Just look what we have got now!! A new little puppy girl whose name is Sammie and she is eleven weeks old. We just got her last night and she slept all night in her crate with only a few little whines when she first went to bed. Such a good girl! I am busy house training her and she is doing just great. A tasty treat makes her want to go outside and to please me. She is very smart.
Sammie is a Boston Terrier and I had one years ago, so I know how smart they are and they just have a great disposition. Above, she is taking a nap and my husband's lap, resting her little face on his arm. How cute is that! You can tell I am a proud puppy owner, as is my hubby who likes to hold her.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Garden Walk...Flowers vs Veggies

Hello Everyone,  Yesterday I took a late afternoon walk around the garden and saw lots of pretty blooms. The Day lily is blooming and the blooms are lovely. I don't like that they only last one day and wish they would last for weeks! That is why I need more plants and need to plant lots more bulbs. I would love enough to cut flowers for the house and studio, too, even if they don't last long.

You know, I think I had much rather plant and grow flowers than vegetables! It must be the artist in me, but I just love flowers of all types and want to spend most of my gardening time on them! Vegetables are plentiful and inexpensive in Florida and I am finding that I spend more on fertilizer and soil and plants than it is worth to have a few veggies. 

I probably will still plant a few vegetables mixed in with the flowers, but I do love the flowers more!

Now that I have a successful hydrangea, I must get more of them! I love the big balls of color and hope to find some blue ones to plant. I hear you can change their color by adding acid to the soil; does anyone know how to do that?

The blue Plumbago puts one in mind of blue hydrangea, although their composite flowers are a bit differently shaped and aren't as dense. Exquisite color, though!!

The Crape Myrtle trees are blooming , adding more color to the garden. They are so pretty in summer; in winter, the trees are like dead sticks!!
A storm was beginning to brew and did we ever have one last night! We had a severe electrical storm with the loudest crash of lightening and thunder I have ever heard. It went on for hours....I could not go to sleep until 2 A.M. thanks to the frightening and loud storm. After the storm, it was very hot and today is in the high 90's. Summer has roared into Florida!