Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yellow Flowering Tree and Spring Bunnies

Hello Everyone, I hope you are enjoying the first days of Spring! It is so lovely here, but verging on being hot! Our spring really starts in January and then often we have a cold snap and more  spring weather until by the first of Spring, it is actually almost summer weather. Both Fall and Spring are short seasons in Florida, while winter is almost non-existent and  summer is long. When one is acclimated to the weather here, you really enjoy it. It means that the sun shines daily....there is hardly ever a day without sunshine, so our dispositions are sunny, too! I remember gray days in Kentucky and am thankful for always having bright, sunny days here.  

The flowers are so lovely now. The yellow flowering tree is loaded with blooms. It bloomed once in January a bit, when we had an unusually warm day. Then the blooms dropped, so I figured there would be no more. But, it bloomed again just last week and is so pretty. Already the blooms are falling on the ground and soon the green leaves will appear. I love this tree. It is called Gold Tree or Silver Trumpet Tree.

Note the clear blue sky in the background.

It is time for little Spring bunnies, too.  I see them occasionally, munching on new and tender grass blades. Below is a watercolor painting I did of bunnies. Just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy!  Have a fun day everyone!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

News from Ten Gables

Hi Everyone,  My posting is few and far between now that I have the gallery and am painting as fast as I can! I wanted to share the birds that are hanging around here....the beautiful Sand hill Cranes! There were three, the parents and the baby, until recently,when the baby flew the coop, so to speak, and went on his own way. Now there are only two grateful parents feeding in our yard!

We had other birds come, too; this pair of snow birds from cold and snowy Minnesota visited us for a few days. We enjoyed their visit and it was nice weather while they were here. The visit was much too short, but hopefully next time will be longer. That dead looking bush in the background is where my studio was power washed with a bit of chlorine in the water and was sprayed on the bush. That is a no-no and you would think that people doing work would realize it. I should have watched them, but I was busy painting inside the studio. Hopefully it will come back to being green and healthy. To my brother and sister in law, wish you had stayed longer....they are pretty nice "birds" to have around!

Sammie-girl at Tea Time (above). You can see her little kibbles on the table with a container of one of her favorite treats...ice! No hot tea for her! She loves her ice cubes. She really needs a booster chair. Think of the havoc that would cause at the table!
I'm still painting pillows for my gallery plus lots of other things. Farmhouse country things and French Country decor is popular. I hope people realize that true art does not have to match your sofa.  I hope people will buy paintings just because they "speak" to them. It seems to me that people buy far more accessories such as pillows, signs and sayings, metal plaques and such than they do true art, original paintings.  Isn't it better to have a lovely timeless painting that has meaning than what is popular at the moment? Well, that is my thought.
Have yourself a great day!