Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Sunday, November 25, 2012

"A Beautiful Day in Florida"

Hi Everyone, I haven't posted in a bit, as it has been a very busy time. Thanksgiving was great, with family here and my youngest grandson stayed on a couple of days. We were very busy doing all sorts of fun things, including a couple of long and exciting Monopoly games! The weather is beautiful here right now.....at night in the 50's and about 70 during the day. My little garden is growing in spite of no rain in quite a while. I try to water the cabbage and broccoli plants at night, but that is not the same as a good drenching rain.
The bougainvillea is blooming now...it is in it's glory in winter.
The huge live oaks have now lost most of the acorns and the squirrels hate to see that happen, I am sure. The Spanish Moss sways in the breezes. You can see the shadows cast by the trees, so you know it is a nice sunny day here.
The little Hibiscus tree is blooming a lot, too. This time of year is the best in Florida. Do I miss snow? Not one bit! Wish you were here!

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Christmas Project

Hi Everyone, It is fast approaching Thanksgiving, and already we are thinking about Christmas! I did an arts/crafts show on Saturday and it was super fun! It was called "Crafts in the Woods" and was in a beautiful location out in the country. I was inside a building, though, which I prefer, as I take many paintings as well as crafts and I am very particular about my paintings being out in dust and possibly bad weather. But the day was gorgeous, about 70ish and lovely. The crowd was awesome and I did very well. One thing I had that showed a lot of interest but did not sell was this "dummy board" Santa painted on an old ironing board top. If I don't sell it at the crafts bazaar this week end, then I will enjoy using it myself somewhere in Ten Gables, or even on the porch.
Here is a bit of a closer view.He looks rather pensive; perhaps going over his good and bad little girl and little boy list.
An even closer view of his face. It was fun to paint this using acrylic paint and trying to get a fairly realistic look to his face. I love his little glasses! 
Have a great day...I'll be back with more crafts in a day or so! Egretta

Friday, November 2, 2012

Crafting.....making owl ornaments

Hi everyone,  I have been busy getting ready for a couple of arts and crafts shows. I have my usual paintings to display, but will also have a Christmas table with handmade ornaments and painted rocks, etc.  I've really had fun making these cute little owl ornaments of felt. 
I made my own simple pattern by just drawing the shape, basically a rectangle with ear turfs. Then I cut out two oval shaped "wings" and white circles for eyes with smaller black circles. A rounded shape make the eyelids and of course, a golden beak. I stuffed them lightly as I whipped around the edges. 
The last finishing touch was a bit of Christmas greens and berries, tiny cones, and a piece of ribbon for hanging. I sewed everything, except I did glue on the Christmas trim. They are really cute, especially a whole basket of them!