Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Friday, February 27, 2015

Egretta Wells Art Gallery and Treasures

Hi Everyone, I have not posted much, as I am very busy painting for my art gallery. I keep telling everyone that I am painting as fast as I can! Take a peek!

I also have some antiques such as crocks, furniture and accessories. A new venture is painting furniture with chalk paint and I will be doing trompe l'oeil  as well. More casually and less expensive are the rocks and leaves I paint, which are great for small gifts.
Above are some of the fun little rocks. They are cute in the garden or as paper weights.

So what is "trendy" right now? Paris themed accessories, antique silhouettes, tin, burlap items, chalk and milk painted furniture, Farmhouse decorating and French Country styles, painted pillows.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

More Pillows painted for my Gallery

Hi Everyone,  I have been so busy and haven't really had time to do much posting! Not only am I making pillows for my gallery, but other painting, and even doing some chalk paint furniture! There are never enough minutes in the day! The above pillows would be really cute on a patio I think!
It is time for Caladium bulbs to start putting forth those lovely leaves.  Some in my yard are coming up now.
These pillows, too, would look nice on a patio or porch surrounded with real Caladiums!  More later, but for now I must get back to a big picnic basket I am painting. I will post it later. Hope you are having a great day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What's happening at Ten Gables?

Hi Everyone,  We are having such lovely coolish weather, but every time it warms up and reaches near 80 for a few days, the weather thinks it is Spring and things begin to bloom.  Just look at this lovely gladiola that came up from bulbs planted last year and has already bloomed.  Hope I get some more! 

Some happy cows near our house. You can see that their field hasn't turned green yet.  The grass in our yard is really nice and green...must be a different variety.  In fact, Bob mowed just the other day!

My friends, Helen and Mike, have a wonderful garden and brought me three perfect heads of cauliflower the other day, plus a bunch of fresh broccoli.  I made roasted curried cauliflower  and it was delicious.  I dipped the florets in ranch dressing which helped to "cool"  the spicy taste down a bit.  Your can find numerous recipes on line for roasted curried cauliflower. Simple to make and really delicious. I would recommend it as an appetizer...you really can't quit munching on it! 
I've been painting lots of pillows for my art gallery, but these two I made from an old vintage tablecloth. The colors are so pretty! You can get at least 4 pillows from one rectangular tablecloth. Now I am looking out for cloths at thrift shops!!  Hope you are having fun and being creative, too.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hand painted Tropical Pillows

Hi Everyone,
What a gorgeous day we are having in sunny Florida.  It is picture perfect weather and lovely outside! How lucky to live where there is no snow, no grey days to speak of, where you can always go outdoors and enjoy green grass, flowers and the sun!
I have been painting more pillows for my art gallery. Hopefully I will be able to fill a whole big rack with pillows, but they go fast, so getting ahead is pretty hard.  I was off my "paint" for a week and in bed with the worse case of flu I've had in years.  My hubby, who took the flu shot,( and I didn't) had it, too, and he had it just as bad as I did. In fact, he caught it first and passed it to me.  We were both so ill for a full week and still have a bit of a cough.  There were times when I thought we'd have to call the ambulance, but thankfully, we hung in there, took over the counter meds and finally got well. I now have a new appreciation for feeling well and being able to paint!
Hope all is well with you! Spring is right around the corner and soon everywhere will have sunnier days!