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Ten Gables Cottage
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Romantic Roses and Sunsets..Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day to everyone today,

I hope you are enjoying a day with loved ones! The other night, I caught a glimpse of the sunset from my bathroom window and immediately climbed into the bathtub (window is over it) to get a better view. I called my sister-in-law to come to the bath tub....she thought I was crazy, and when she saw what I was looking at, she ran for her camera. I met her outside on the driveway and we snapped away taking photos.
Soon we were joined by everyone around and had a grand old time watching the beautiful sunset!

Here is another view. No two sunsets are ever alike. I have plans to go up on the dike that goes around our huge lake and take photos from there. Maybe I will have a week of sunsets, so we can see how different they are!

And here is a shot of the lovely long stemmed roses my sweetie gave me for Valentine's day! Margaret made them up for me---she is my neighbor and works at the florist here. They are gorgeous!

I used to own a florist years ago, and a trick for keeping roses fresh with strong stems, is to add very hot, almost boiling water to them every day. There are other tricks you hear, too, such as cutting the tips of the stems again, or adding sugar. But I do know for certain that roses really perk up when hot water is added!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Egretta


  1. The thought of all of you tripping over each other in the bathtub in your eagerness to photograph the sunset has me in stitches of laughter! But I have to admit that it was a very impressive sunset.

  2. Beautiful sunset and roses. I can never remember if its really hot water or really cold so now I'll have to remember HOT. Hope you had a lovely day.