Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Garden Walk---It is Spring in Florida

Hello everyone and welcome to Ten Gables. Let's walk outside and see what is in bloom. First, let's check out the roses! They are loving the crisp air and are blooming well, even though the leaves don't look all that great!

I love all the different colors. I can't tell you their botanical names. Perhaps some of you know them.

Red by any other name.........


This is a close up of the flame vine, a beautiful tropical vine and native of Brazil. It excels in brilliance and has tons of blooms. It climbs by tendrils over fences and is all across the front of my 5 acres on a fence. Blooming in winter, usually in January, it if full of trumpet shaped and flaming orange blooms. This year, because of the below freezing temps. it was somewhat nipped, but managed to survive and is now blooming!

And this beauty is a cluster of yellow
blooms from a "Golden Tree". Now, that is what I call it, but I really am not sure of its proper name. It is the first thing to bloom in early Spring.

More views of the beautiful "Golden Tree".

Mexican petunias. Its blooms last only a day, but not to worry, every day there is a new batch!

The marigolds are doing well. They are little warriors of the garden, keeping away plant-munching insects.

My tomato is blooming. This is a compact cherry tomato plant.

I love the color of this geranium. I bought this plant and hope it will grow quite large and bloom profusely!

Even the pot of aloe has turned green and looks healthy. Occasionally I pick off a leaf to treat a burn. Such a soothing gel comes from the aloe plant.

Well, our walk is ending for today. Thanks for going along, Egretta


  1. Being English, I have to say that the Roses are the best - and what a lovely collection of different colours.

  2. What beautiful blooms. I like the idea of naming your own plants (Golden Tree) when you don't know what they are!