Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Glad Gift

Hello Everyone, A couple of days ago, my neighbor, Margaret, came running up to the back door with a hand full of beautiful gladiola blooms! The orange color was especially bright and beautiful! Between hard rain showers, she dashed over to share some of her gorgeous flowers she has grown.

She started the bulbs in her portable greenhouse earlier this Spring and now is harvesting bunches of flowers, in just that short of time!

Her success makes me want to purchase a portable greenhouse!!

I love glads! Taken individually, each bloom on the stalk is just stunning! 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happenings at Rustic Star Antiques

Hi everyone, 
It is Memorial Day weekend and my youngest Grandson, Austin is visiting. Today he wanted to set up a table outside Rustic Star Antiques, where I have a booth, and sell his rubber band jewelry and  ice cold lemonade. So being a softie, I said that of course I would help him and got permission from Melinda, the owner of Rustic Star Antiques. Above is a photo of Austin with his wares! He had a fun day and sold some of his beautiful bracelets, as well as some cold lemonade.  While he was selling, I worked in my booth and did a bit of cleaning and organizing and took some photos of things in the shop.

Above is his jewelry display. They really are very cute!

Melinda is making a lot of up-cycled  (new word!) things. Check out the tier of objects in the center made  into a bird feeder or server. It is so pretty that I would definitely use it as a server for fruit or other tidbits. It would be great for tea time!

Here is Sally, one of the store's stuffed mascots. She is dressed for a Spring tea, no doubt. I love the lamp shade covered with lace and check out the hanging candle holder made with clear glass teacups and saucers. That Periwinkle color is gorgeous, too.

In my booth, I have some blue Granite ware on a tea card. Even blue gloves!!

More of my booth, where I have some of my own paintings and other art work on display.
The live mascot, Shamus.

Another of Melinda's creations. It was made to be a bird bath, but honestly I would use it on a buffet, I think. Hope you enjoyed the little antique tour and have a good weekend!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Favorite Garden Colors...Blue and Purple

Hi Everyone, what a glorious day we had today! It was only in the 70's with no humidity and just a perfect day to wander around the garden! I saw some of my favorite flowers blooming, in shades of blue and purple. So here is a little bit of my garden for you to enjoy!

Purples and Blues. My Favorite in the garden. What colors are your favorites?

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Cardinal's Song in the Garden

Hello everyone, I wish you could hear the above cardinal singing today in and around the garden. She, and it is a female, is flitting everywhere and singing constantly. She goes from the bougainvillea bush to the car and admires herself in the mirror, then to the top of the car, then to the bush. Which brings me to the question; where is the male? Do you suppose he is sitting on the nest? Is this normal? The nest is in the bougainvillea, so he must be there. She hasn't the time! She is too busy admiring herself in the car mirror and chirping. Well, on to the blooms in the garden!

The Zinnias are really pretty, especially these tiny ones above.

I love the sweet potato vine planted with petunias. You can see some Caladium bulbs sprouting in the background. I planted a few more this year.

Love all the colors of Spring!

The front pot contains Basil and Oregano, so I run out and pick some frequently for Italian dishes.

Here are Caladiums from bulbs I planted last year and they have been up quite some time.
The roses are full of bloom. However I do need to treat them for black spot and you can see yellow leaves that need picking off. Lots of work to do in the garden, but it is so rewarding to have beautiful blooms all around!