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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hot day and Pretty Treasures from Ireland...

Hi Everyone, As you can see from the thermometer  on the back porch, it is a hot day here in Florida today! I ventured outside for just a few moments and am once again in the cool air conditioning!
I will show you some of my Irish treasures . Some were gifts and some I have bought when traveling in Ireland.
Belleck china is so thin, fragile and lovely! There are numerous patterns, but my favorite is the clover.
A nice cup for a "cuppa" as they call a cup of tea.
I found this cute little crumb brush once when traveling in Ireland. We stopped at a little shop off the beaten path and I was quick to spy this unusual crumb brush. She is adorable in her Irish green dress!
A Belleck collector plate which was a gift from my daughter.
A beautiful Waterford crystal candy dish shines on the table. 
Another piece of Belleck. This piece has lilies painted on it. 
Ansley pieces with orchid design and butterflies. 
A beautiful crystal bell from Tyrone Crystal.
Well, now I have them all washed and polished and put away where they can be seen and used, not out of sight. It is nice to use ones' treasures and not hide them away, isn't it? Do any of you collect things from Ireland and Northern Ireland?


  1. Hi, Egretta. I had no idea that Kellie is your daughter! Wow. I love her blog and I admire how she starts everything from seed. I tried the link, but couldn't get it to work. Perhaps you could resend it to me. I toured Ireland in 2006 with a group of college students so we were confined to the tour and didn't get to forage about in many antique shops. Good thing, really. But you brought home some beautiful pieces.

  2. It sure is hot in Florida. I'm wearing three layers today - kinda cool in Northern Ireland! Your pieces look so nice and shiny!