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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tribute to my friend, Norma

My lifetime best friend, Norma Jo Carter Boggs passed away Friday June 29, 2012 in Georgia. She was born in Loyall, Kentucky in 1940. I met her probably when we were about 5 years old; I don't remember the exact day, but it seems we spent almost everyday of our childhood and teen years together. She was a beautiful, vivacious  person, full of creative energy and so much fun to be with. 
This photo is of the Loyall School Tom Thumb Wedding. She is second from the left in the back row. She was a guest at the wedding, all dressed up with a flower in her hair. She was one of the smallest girls in our room, always petite and cute. I am in the front roll center with a black ribbon on my dress. I was the "mother of the bride", I think, because I was one of the biggest girls in the first grade! So there we were, one very big girl and one small petite girl....best friends.
This photo is of our senior class trip to Luray Caverns. Norma is on the front roll in a black shirt and khaki pants. So cute, as always. You can click on any of these photos to get a closer view.
Growing up.
Norma had pretty brown eyes, curly brown hair and a million dollar smile. 
Here Norma is on the right with another friend, Georgiana, posing by someone's car, as if it is theirs! She was probably about 15 years of age in this photo. In those days, we all wore hats to church and Norma was always dressed beautifully. She looked great in anything...
even baby doll PJs. Posing with stuffed animals that her sister's boyfriend had brought.
With friends at a Valentine party in high school.
Graduating from high school in 1958.
Another beautiful outfit, including hat, on a Sunday afternoon, in Kentucky in early Spring.
Norma was one of my bridesmaids in my wedding. There she is on the right, with her beautiful smile.
Norma, in cream color dress, with my mom and dad and my son in back, and her husband (my brother's best friend) at my niece's wedding.
Sadly, Norma had a stroke sixteen years ago. Here, she is talking to me on the phone on her birthday. I never got to visit her, but she was always in my heart and very often in my thoughts and prayers. When we talked on the phone, the conversation was as if we were still children and we discussed school and painting, sewing, paper dolls, things we liked to do as kids and how we liked chocolate!
Here she is holding my picture and birthday card.
My dear little friend....I will always remember you, your joy in life, your lovely singing voice, all the fun we had and the unique and interesting things we did growing up in that little town in Kentucky.
Norma Jo Carter Boggs   Jan. 31, 1940--June 29, 2012


  1. Oh Egretta, I am so sorry. You have written a lovely tribute to your precious friend. Those life long friends are the best. I have one of those life long friends, so I know the sorrow and loss that you must be feeling. I hope her loved ones are able to see this wonderful expression of your friendship.

  2. Isn't it nice to have photos and memories of a great friend over such a long time. It's really nice to see the photos over time and of course I spotted you in there. Photos are wonderful to have to remind us of all the great memories.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your friend Egretta. There are a few people who come into our lives that are diamonds.

  4. Im so sorry Egretta, I just seen this...haven't been surfing around lately...I lost a good friend long time ago she was only like 34 and I was about 24...May your dear friend Rest In Peace...much love janice

  5. Oh dear.... I'm sorry Egretta. May your friend rest in peace!