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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

" Glass for my Booth and Crochet Beauties!

Hi Everyone and welcome to Ten Gables, 
I was lucky enough to get some pretty pieces for my Antiques booth at the Rustic Star. I got the lovely pressed glass pitcher above, very heavy and gorgeous, plus it has 5 glasses to match. I think the pattern is button daisy.
I got two green pressed glass goblets or maybe wine glasses, with gold edging around the top. They are very heavy and very pretty. I think they would be stunning with little battery tea lights in them. Do you ever use those little battery tea lights? I love them because there is no candle mess and no danger, either.
I got this footed dish by Nippon. It is encrusted with a pretty gold design and is fragile, but in perfect condition. Will it be hard to part with these treasures? You bet!
This is a pretty crocheted pot holder with a red rose in the center, far too pretty to use!  I hope Janice, my blogger friend sees this and the basket below. She is a talented crochet artist! 
She might like this little basket. I found it at my old antique shop, admired it, and my friend, Beth (owner of the shop) gave it to me! So this will not be sold.
I need to starch the handle so it will stand up. A glass fits inside it and I thought it would look great with some flowers in it and I will incorporate it into one of my paintings!


  1. I do love to crochet so just had to come see what you got. I have seen the pattern for the basket before but have not made it. I have made plenty of pot holders though.

  2. Where do you find such pretty glass? I am sure that you have faithful customers who can't wait to see what you have next to offer. I like the red and white pot holder.