Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Antiques....

Hi Everyone, today we are visiting Rustic Star Antiques again!
Every little nook and cranny is filled with interesting items. I love the quilts that are hung on the wall. Some of the quilts in the shop are Civil  War era.

This stove is a reproduction, electrified by Country Charm.. I would love to decorate a kitchen with only old kitchen furniture, such as this and Hoosier cabinets, etc and no kitchen cabinets like we normally use!
Trays are always interesting and useful. These silhouettes are really pretty and the color of green is great!
This old steamer trunk is in my booth and for many years I decorated with it and wouldn't give it up! But I finally decided to sell it. It is from England and I have the owner's name and address from the 1800's!! Can you imagine how it happened to arrive in the U.S.and why it stayed here? Someone could research the owner, perhaps. Why do you think we like antiques? I think it is because of the memories they bring to mind, plus they aren't made any more. Just imagine if I packed this big, heavy trunk for my vacation overseas and tried to take it with me!! One person can't even lift it! Things change, but it is fun to remember "how they were".

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  1. I think antiques link us to a another time. I'm a teacher and I have an antique school desk. It's so small! I like finding antique gadgets and trying to figure out what they were used for. :o)