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Saturday, July 7, 2012

More from Rustic Star Antiques.....

Hi everyone,  Is it as hot in your neck of the woods as it is here in Florida? Or maybe, just maybe, it is even hotter! Would you believe that all last week it was in the 80's and low 90's here, while in most states it was into the 100's. Even Minnesota was hotter than Florida, so all my Minnesota friends should have just come on down to Florida and escaped the heat!!Chuckle! 
Today, I am showing you more of the Rustic Star Antiques, where I have a booth. I am having fun in there, changing my display about every week, displaying some of my art work (above) and teaching a painting class there once a week.
Don't you just love old granite ware. My favorite is blue, but this old coffee pot in gray is kind of nice, too.
 On my son's first Christmas in the early 60's, he got a rocking horse just like the one in this photo. That is what is so wonderful about antiques---they bring back pleasant memories!
I love tole trays!!Just look in all the decorating magazines and you will see how great they look with most types of decor, especially with "Shabby Chic".Decorative painted pieces, as well as painted furniture is just flying out of the store. Re-purposing old items is getting a lot of interest, too.
This is one of the painted pieces you will find at Rustic Star, if it hasn't sold already! Don't you adore this color.
A copper boiler and a huge basket. Both would be great for storage.
A Hoosier cabinet displaying everything from tins to aprons. Did you notice the cute school house rug on the floor! Thanks for looking in Rustic Star with me and have a great weekend. Stay in the air-conditioning!!!


  1. So many interesting things in the antiuqe shop. It's so much to fun see them (and they were usually made better than modern items of today). We're not getting much of that heat in Northern Ireland - mostly rain!

  2. That's very huge collection of antiques! I wish I had collected the antique collection too....sigh....