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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Signs of Spring!

Hello from Ten Gables Cottage,

I am thinking of Spring, aren't you? What a rough winter the whole U.S. is having! Of course, here in Florida the cold weather we have is just a few days here and there, nothing constant.

My Bougainvillea was damaged by the cold, but the part nearest to the studio still looks great. The bracts are such a gorgeous color.

Here is a close up of the tiny white flowers ...each group of bracts has three of them.

Not far from the bougainvillea, I have three pineapple plants. They are doing really well, and I hope to have a pineapple on one of them this summer.

Just look at the gorgeous colors in the pineapple plant!

I have discovered that the impatiens I planted around a little palm tree that I thought died with the freeze, have come back! They look great, so that is something exciting I found today! It is 65 degrees right now with 14 mile an hour winds, so it seems much colder, and tonight we will reach a low of 34 degrees. So I hope this cold snap will not bother any of these plants.

Life is good! Have a good evening, Egretta

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  1. Very pretty & colourful photos. The bougainvillea looks like paper flowers.