Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Saturday Tea and A Sunny Sunday!

Hi from Ten Gables Cottage,

What a gorgeous day it is today! The sun is out brightly and it is about 70 degrees. I can see rain clouds forming, though, and hopefully we will get some much needed rain!

Yesterday my friend and I set up a table of food for an afternoon tea for 20 people. As you can see, we had the apricot scones with "Cornish" cream ( I used to call it Devonshire Cream, but one of my fellow bloggers pointed out my error!).

We had curried chicken salad on rolls, Benedictine sandwiches (cucumber) and pimento cheese sandwiches, assorted cookies, chocolate covered pretzel,nut and cranberry stacks, and chocolate dipped strawberries. We served delicious strawberry flavored tea that the guests adored!

This is the front porch of the house where the tea was held. It is a historic house build in 1926, I think, and has been restored by my friend. The inside is beautiful with the original wood floors,original kitchen cabinets, etc.

Here is the outside of the house. It is what is known as a "cracker house", the old original style of homes in Florida.

I loved the beautiful bright green moss growing near the side of the house. In fact, things are beginning to green up just a bit here after our bad weather.

This is a photgraph of my dianthus which is very green and blooming. The cold did not hurt it at all.

You can see that there are still some green trees in our landscape, and the hedge in the back garden doesn't look too bad. Let's think Spring;.......it helps!

Be creative and have a great day, Egretta

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  1. The food looks lovely, hope you had a great day. Nothing beats tea time!