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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting ready for Valentine Day

Hello from Ten Gables cottage,
It is a beautiful sunny day here and I am thinking about having some friends over for a Valentine's tea soon. So I have been checking out my china patterns and have decided to use the Old Country Roses from England. My children started me a collection some years back and relatives have added to it until I have service for 10.
On the server, I used a tea time runner with a few favorite pieces, including the tea pot. Of course now, they are just for display, but will be put to use on the day I entertain. I used a pretty white berry and green leaf sprig and tiny white lights on the back of the server to give a party flavor.

Here is a bigger view of the Country Rose pieces on the serve. The candy is fake--little candles, actually! My sister-in-law and brother sent me the cute little cat container. It adds a touch of whimsy. It is unbelievable the things you can get in the Country Rose pattern.

I left the little feather Christmas tree in the dining room and took off the Christmas decorations and replaced them with little hearts that I found on sale last year. This adds a very festive touch to the room and brightens up a corner. It will be a few weeks until I will have my tea, but in the mean-time, I am getting ready to help a friend present a tea for a birthday girl. I will be making apricot scones, Devonshire cream, some tea sandwiches and everyone's favorite, Strawberry Tea.
I will be giving you some special recipes for this tea in a day or so, so keep following my blog! So nice of you to look and I always love your comments. Have a happy day, today. Egretta

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