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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Flowers

Hello Everyone, It is lovely today, although we are having quite cool weather for this time of year in Florida. It is in the upper 30s at night and about 65 today. Tomorrow may be a little warmer, and it is always sunny. I bought some flowers to put outside, but have had to just keep them in a protected spot the past few days and will plant them when it warms just a bit. I have started a painting of the lovely coral lilies.

Above is my started painting. It will have a tea pot and some lace in it. I will have to glaze the lilies more to get a brighter coral. However in real life, the painting is brighter than it looks in the photo, and the photo was taken indoors, while the flowers were taken outside in brighter light. That makes a difference.

I bought some pansies, potted zinnias (can't wait for the seeds to come up..I must have some NOW) and the purple petunias are my favorite, as purple flowers are always the ones that catch my eye!

I have tried to start hydrangeas from cuttings but have not had luck, so I saw this beautiful plant and thought I would try it. I hope it is "Florida Hardy", as some plants are difficult to grow in Florida because of the heat.

More lovelies just waiting for me to put them in the soil!

This orchid lily is tropical, so I think it will thrive without problem.
My Christmas Cactus is just now blooming! Better late than never. I love the Sedum rupestre  plant called
Stonecrop, Florida friendly gold.  I think it will be pretty in front of the flowers. After they are all planted and growing, I will show you the results of the garden. This Spring I am concentrating on flowers and not veggies, as I had nice veggies in the Fall and Winter and it will get hot here before too long. It is easier to grow veggies in Florida when it is a bit cooler. Hope where you live that Spring will soon be there!


  1. What pretty flowers. The hydrangea is really nice. Your painting is looking very pretty! I always enjoy seeing your works in progress.

  2. Hi Egretta. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. Your flowers are so pretty just waiting to be planted in the ground. It will be another almost 3 months before we can plant. I have friends in Florida who don't really mind the 60 degree weather as it's still a whole lot warmer than up here! Pamela

  3. Gorgeous Flowers! Hydrangeas are hardy to my zone but the last one I planted didn't survive. It'll be a little while yet before flowers can go into the ground in my neck of the woods, we had snow today! : )

    And that's a lovely start to your painting too!