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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Monday, March 4, 2013

More photos from Heathcote Botanical Gardens

Hi Everyone, I have some more photos from Heathcote Botanical Gardens. It is a beautiful, tropical garden in Ft. Pierce Florida.

A new water feature has been added and a number of other interesting features.

The "Chickee" hut is a structure made of palm fronds and the Seminole Indians of Florida are masters of constructing them. They actually act as a roof, much like a thatch roof.

This is an example of an original "Cracker" house, which is a pioneer house of Florida. The first settlers often used whips and "cracked" them in the air to herd the native cattle, so they were called "Crackers".

The azaleas are in full bloom now.

Above is Heathcote House. The lady who gave the beautiful garden for public viewing used to live in this house. It is surrounded by beautiful azaleas and tropical plants.

A new feature of the garden is a Bonsai Pavilion, surrounded by a Bonsai Gallery, which is stunning! I could not believe how many Bonsai trees there were on display. One of them was 110 years of age!

This one may have some dead  on top...I hope not.

Notice the trunk on this one.

This one is a Bougainvillea trained to be a small Bonsai tree. 
I hope you enjoyed this little garden tour...it is Spring in Florida, even though this a.m it was 39 degrees!
Right now it is about 63, which will be the high for today. It is gorgeous and sunny and in fact, my hubby is mowing the yard right now!

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  1. The gardens are beautiful. Mowing lawn? Don't we wish. It may have reached 60 here today, but snow by the end of the week.