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Ten Gables Cottage

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Margaret's Garden"

Hi Everyone,  I took a bunch of photos today of my neighbor, Margaret's, garden. She and her hubby, John have put up the cutest greenhouse on their patio! It holds some of her potted veggies and she has started some bulbs there, too. It came in a kit that you put together and has a cover of plastic. When it was cold, she had it closed and her plants were as cozy and warm as could be. I think she said she purchased it at Home Depot for around $25.00. 

Here are her bulbs of glads and iris shooting upward. 

Margaret and John have added some trellis around their patio and planted this  pretty jasmine at the corner.

One of their cats keeps an eye on the herbs growing in window boxes.

Even though the front garden is narrow, it is interesting because of the various heights of plants, types and placement. The hanging pots contain succulents, which will love our summer heat!

A beautiful bloom on a flowering vine. John just erected a cross string for it to climb on so it will cross over the front entrance to the other side. That will be gorgeous!

I keep forgetting the name of this lovely purple blooming tree...I think it is Sapphire .....something!

There once was a bird feeder and a few seeds must have blown around, because a whole bunch of sunflowers have volunteered in a corner! Can't wait to see them bloom.

Such a cute little plant....Margaret says it will bloom orange colored flowers.

A cozy little setting area...it is shady in the afternoons.
The Japanese orchid tree is in full bloom now, too. It is so lovely and heralds Spring in Florida. I took more photos of Margaret's garden and of some of my plants as well, so will post them later. Hope you enjoyed their little garden tour today! Thanks, Margaret and John for letting me share your pretty plants!


  1. So sweet, I love that starter I will have to check on that.. I always start mine inside the shed but I think that would be better cause there is no real sun in there...nice post.with love Janice

  2. I like the green house. We created a green house effect by placing plastic over the seeds and got mold. Florida has such beautiful tropical plants that we just so see here, one reason why I like blogging so much--we get to see such a variety of gardens and plants. Your friends garden is beautiful. We had six inches of snow by Tuesday morning. It is mostly gone and will be in the 70's by Friday. Can you believe such crazy weather?

  3. I have several of those plastic greenhouses, though mine are the 2-tier ones, because I find the tall ones to be unstable in windy conditions. They have been invaluable, allowing me to get things growing much earlier than would otherwise have been the case. They cost a lot more than $25 here!

  4. What a lovely garden they have. I have one of those little greenhouses and they are just so handy up here for starting seeds. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Margaret and John's garden is really nice. They have added lots of nice plants and have made a very peaceful setting to enjoy.