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Friday, March 15, 2013

Irish Things...Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hi Everyone, 
Looking around my house, I see so many Irish things, many of them gifts from my daughter who lives in Northern Ireland, others I have bought there myself and some things I have found here in America. It seems that we Americans, at least a lot  of us, like to claim kin to the Irish! What better time to celebrate our Irish backgrounds than around St. Patrick's Day?
I'm not sure of the background of the Claddaugh, but it has the crown, the hands, and the heart, so I like to think of it as meaning this to me: We must love the Lord with all our hearts for he is the King of all and we must hold our families in our hearts and work  for their best, as well as live and work for the Lord. That is my personal belief.
We think of the Four leafed clover as "Lucky". This one is a 3 leafed glass clover that I have hanging in the dining room window just for St. Pat's Day. I am not too keen on "luck"...maybe we make our own "luck", what do you think? But I do like the heart shaped parts of the clover...so pretty.

I found the little lady brush in an old antique store in the country in County Antrim. It is to brush crumbs from the table.  The pitcher and sugar bowl are Belleck and are super thin and translucent. I love the clover design on them.

More Belleck pieces.

This little cottage tea bag holder is so cute! I have a collection of tea bag holders.

My daughter gave me this little Irish pin and it, too, has the Claddaugh on it.

Irish Coffee time!

Cute little Irish Coffee cups...His and Hers.
I have several books of beautiful photos of Ireland. Northern Ireland and Ireland are both full of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine. If you haven't been there, I hope you can visit some time. I have been to many different countries and it one of the very prettiest, I think!
This is the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. It is truly amazing how the rock formation is like columns and they were made by nature itself many, many years ago.  I hope you enjoyed my collection of Irish things and I wish you a happy St. Patrick 's Day and many Irish blessings.


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Egretta, and thank you for your Irish post. I love Ireland. In 2003 I toured Ireland with a group of university students who were studying to become English teachers. The trip's theme was the Literary Geography of Ireland, where we traced the steps of Ireland's writers. The Irish were lovely people and the country so beautiful. I'd love to return. i hope that you get to visit your daughter often.

  2. I love your Irish Belleek pottery. I have one piece that is an ash tray but it is so pretty so I keep it out and use it for a tea light sometimes. It is a rarer piece with pale yellow on the design. Pamela

  3. Somehow I missed your post for St Patrick's Day. It was a great post!