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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Clocks...countdown til the New Year

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are now looking forward to a brand new year! I was thinking about CLOCKS today! How many clocks are in my house? How many are in your house?All those clocks are counting down the hours and minutes until  2013 and I am thinking about those New Year's Resolutions. It is Time to Make a List!!!!
Here are a few of the many  clocks in my house. I didn't realize there were so many. I guess I just love clocks, especially those that chime. Isn't it strange, though, that when you live with chiming clocks, you seldom "hear" them. They become unnoticeable to you!
Here is a humorous clock and goes well in the little library.
Remember the "Big Ben", one of the best clocks! This one is an old wind up clock and I love it. It ticks rather loudly.
An old railroad pocket watch that was my maternal grandfathers. It has loads of sentimental value.
Who doesn't love a cookoo clock, made in Germany. 
Pretty little boudoir clock.....

The little brass dancers on this one waltz away the hours.
Another old wind-up clock. As you notice,they all have different times! However, the photos were taken at different times as well. But it is almost impossible to synchronize  all these clocks. Well, I just don't have TIME to go on with this blog today! It is only a few days until New Year's Day and I must start that list of things to do in the New Year. I sure hope I will have Time to do all of them!
Happy New Year to you !
  --------------------------------clocking out for now----------Egretta


  1. What wonderful clocks! Blessings to you in the New Year ahead Egretta.

  2. We are counting down. Out of town friends will spend the eve with us. We will have a turkey dinner then chat the evening away, maybe making it to midnight. If we don't, the clocks won't stop. I can image the music in your home with all of the clocks. I have one that chimes and you are right. We really don't hear it every time--much like the noisy freight trans that rumble through town. Will you be sharing your list with us? Happy New Year, Egretta. I have so enjoyed your blog and you sweet comments. Looking forward to the New Year.

  3. Wow. You certainly do have a lot of clocks! Many of them look as if they are antiques - and no doubt they all have sentimental value for you. I'm afraid that most of the clocks in our house are digital ones! :(
    P.S. We do have one very interesting clock - it forms the top of an occasional table, so is horizontal. Jane won it (of course!)

  4. I never realised you had so many clocks. They are all so nice too. Its good to remind us to take time to enjoy life. Counting down the time to our visit!

  5. Cute puns in your post! I love all your clocks - especially the cat with the mouse clock!!! I have a collection, too. My son used to give me one every year for Christmas. Then one year I placed them all together, and he quit giving them to me - he said he didn't realize I had so many! :) Happy New Year!