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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Making Muscadine grape jelly

Hi Everyone, A friend brought me a container of Muscadine grapes from her garden and they were great to just pop in your mouth and eat, but I was afraid some would spoil before they were eaten, so I decided to make jelly.
I rounded up some jars, washed and poured boiling water into them to sterilize them.  I covered the grapes with water in a large heavy pan and cooked them until the hulls popped open. Then I mashed the grapes and strained the juice out into a  container. I had 5 cups of beautiful grape juice. Next, I added the juice with 1 package of fruit pectin and brought to a rolling boil in my heavy pan.  I cooked it 1 minute, stirring constantly.
Then I added 7 cups of sugar, brought the mixture back to a boil and boiled 1 minute longer. It foams a little on top, so I spooned off the foam, and  poured  it into my clean and sterilized jars. Meantime, I had melted paraffin in a double boiler, so I poured about 1/8 inch of paraffin on top the jelly to seal it. Here it is cooling in the jars.
I had a bit left, so I poured it into a bowl and left it to jell.
Here is a spoonful after it jelled and YUM, was it tasty. And pretty, too. The color is just lovely.
This shows the paraffin hardened and sealing the jelly underneath it. I then put tight lids on the jars and they are ready! All I need now are some scones and butter and a cup of tea!
I haven't made jelly in a very long time and I forgot how easy and rewarding it is!


  1. Your jars of jelly are so pretty. I like to make jelly because it does look so pretty. Scones and tea do sound good.

  2. Dear that jelly would be so delicious on a piece of toast - looks lovely in the jars. Thanks for making me hungry! LOL