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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's new in the Antique Shop??

Hi Everyone, Today we are touring the Rustic Star Antiques, where I have a booth. The shop is huge and is very full of lovely things right now. The owners specialize in antique linens and quilts. Some of the quilts are Civil War era and all are very beautiful and the teeny tiny stitches are quite remarkable. Click on any of these photos for a close up view.
A very pretty child's antique dress.
Granite Ware in my booth. I sell quite a lot of it and am usually searching for more to add to my inventory.Sometimes I use it first for a still life painting!!
Isn't this an adorable planter from the 50's? I love the child's silverware displayed in it, too.If you enlarge, you will see the very LOW prices we have in our shop!
An old trunk full of kitchen ware.
The stove is a replica of an old stove and it is actually electric! The coffee mill on top of it is actually the clock and dials for the stove. I love this kitchen set up; I told the owners of the shop, Bob and Dorothy, to just load it all up and bring to my house. Of course I was joking, or maybe wishful thinking!
A group of little creamers in my booth.
I will continue the tour another day. Hope you enjoyed seeing some of what we have at Rustic Star!


  1. I would certainly love to shop in your store. Oh my, the damage that I could do.

  2. hey Ann, hope you aren't getting that fire near you. I will check your blog...need to see if the new grandbaby is here.