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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quilting in the Air Conditioning...

Hi everyone and welcome to Ten Gables, I don't know what you like to do on hot days, but I find in Florida that sometimes I just have to stay in, in the air conditioning! That is when I do some quilting. The one above was one I did at my church quilting  group. We meet every Tuesday, quilt and have lunch together at the church. We all bring a bag lunch and then someone brings a sweet treat, such as a cake, to share with our coffee. We work on projects for our Fall Bazaar which is held in November. I did the above little baby quilt. I was working on it here. I finished it with a ruffle around the edges and  it looked very pretty.
Each one of our group was encouraged to work on a little Christmas house quilt. Each block has an appliqued Christmas house to be put together with white sashing.
Here are two that I made.
The quilt in the round frame is set up in my family room at home. I have been quilting on it for about a year now and I only work on it every so often. I must get focused and finish it.
Here is a close up of the quilt. I loved doing the applique, but am not so interested in the quilting. However, I want it all to me MINE and all to be hand quilted. In instances, I like machine quilting, but I really am a purist. If it is all made by hand, then it should be quilted by hand, is my philosophy.
I didn't have enough projects going. Oh, no! I had to start yet another quilt! This one is called Iris and has different shades of purples cut like a big iris with a green stem and leaves. Each block is set on the diagonal with corners of color (haven't got that far yet). I first am appliquing the iris and stems on a white 9 inch square. I have to have 72 of these squares!
My mother's cedar chest full of quilts. The one across the top is called "Magnolia girl" I think. There is a big magnolia blossom quilted on the left background of each block. Each girl is done in a different color. Then the dolly is sitting on a "Dutch Girl" quilt also done by my mother. 
This one, done by Mom, is appliqued and each flower and pot are outlined with the blanket stitch. I love the colors she used in this quilt.
I pieced this quilt together when I was fourteen years of age. Finally many, many years later, I put it together with batting and a backing and hand quilted it. I am a poor hand quilter, but it is special, because I did it completely myself! I am proud of my inferior quilting! Whatever comes from the heart is special.
This itsy doll quilt was done at night while watching T.V. It was quick and fun to do. Not only can it be a doll's quilt, but it is pretty as a table centerpiece with a little vase of flowers sitting on it, or use as a hot pot. I need to make more of these! They are fun to make and can be very useful. Maybe even make a few for Christmas gifts. 
Who cares if it is hot outside when you are busy inside creating things!
Happy Creating to All!!!


  1. Every one of the quilts are so amazing! So so pretty! They are priceless! I wish I could make more time to be creative.

  2. Each and everyone looks amazing to me...I sure wish I could quilt... I did make one small baby quilt years ago..I did embroidered squares with baby things on them. Then other squares...but never anything more..I don't really know about it...but yours are lovely...thank you for sharing. Enjoy your evening with love Janice

  3. Your quilts looks so beautiful. I have made one quilt at the urging of my daughter who at the time was quilting and thought that I should quilt. She hand quilt, too. Then had two little girls!. You are probably inspired and encouraged through your church group. And I agree, a quilt that is all yours, all hand done, making it quite unique and special.