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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Potpourri

Hi everyone and welcome to Ten Gables Cottage, 
Here is an update on the Sand Hill Cranes. Sadly (for us) they have disappeared from the area where the baby was hatched. Since the little one can't fly, I assume that they just walked to some other area. There are many open fields nearby, so probably they went to a less dangerous place to raise the young one. You know, nature is a wonderful thing and birds and animals know instinctively how to protect their own.
Today I just browsed through my camera photos and  thought I would just have a post of many different subjects. Above is Margaret and John's cat in their window. You can count on being watched by one of the cats if you are in the yard! Remember that old saying...."curiosity killed the cat".....maybe just say curiosity  IS a cat!
Did I ever show you  the little lamp shade I decorated for a candlestick lamp for by antique booth? I used painted on flowers and then buttons to make it really cute, with beads hanging at the bottom. 
I decorated this little chest with trompe l'oeil which in French means "to fool the eye". It looks like a real key and a real letter laying on the top of the chest. I actually saw someone try to pick up the letter!!!
Here are some of my painted items in the antique booth at Rustic Star Antiques. I don't do a whole lot of decorative painting, but I do some whenever the mood strikes. I mainly concentrate on my fine art painting now. 
I sold the little  Duncan Fife coffee table, but the big glass dome is awaiting a home. Domes seem to be "in" right now...I see them often in the decorating magazines. 
I'm sure I have posted a photo of my Grandmother's old stove, but it is one of my favorite things in all the world, so thought I would just share it with you again. And how fun are old Mason fruit jars? I like to display marbles, buttons, etc in them. Click on each photo for a closer view.
And who is this handsome lad by the limo? Why, it is my grandson, Austin. He had just graduated from 5th grade at his school, which only goes to the 5th. Next year he will be going to a new school. One of his classmate' s parents rented a limo to take the 6 graduating students to lunch. They loved riding in the limo. We grandparents and parents met them at the restaurant  for a wonderful lunch. It was a special day and he of course is a special boy. Tomorrow is his birthday...he will be eleven. Happy Birthday, Austin!
Last, but not least, here I am on the left trying to learn how to play the Steel Drums! A Steel Drum group played at our church senior meeting and when they asked for volunteers to learn to play, of course I was the first volunteer! Also you see our Pastor in the middle and another lady on the left. It was so hard, believe me.  The kids in the band made it look so easy, but it was not easy.  Just getting both hands to work the mallets at the same time was really hard. We did manage to learn one little stanza! It was loads of fun, though. Love that Reggae!Thanks for joining me today and hope to have you visit my blog again soon!


  1. I enjoyed your photos. My cats always follow me around outside and watch whatever I'm doing. I like all your painted items, especially the watering can!

  2. Helo Egretta, thank you for stopping in to visit...I don't really have a place to post them. I was going to make a Esty shop but they want to much percentage...Do you have a Facebook account?? Please let me know because I'm going to put a Album up for them. Congratulations to your grandson. I love the little table glad you sold it...Love the water can and the old enamel green pot on the stove...and of course the stove as well...hope your having a great afternoon. with love Janice

  3. The cranes were in a pretty public and high traffic area. Here we see the Canada geese walking with little ones, so I guess the cranes can do the same. An interesting potpourri of photographs. You must have had fun deciding which ones to use.

  4. What fun pictures of your life, a limo in 5th grade! I don't think I rode in one until I was 30...Times have changed. Love your painted items in the booth, painted stuff seems to sell best now in the summer and the post cards on the box...fooled me!