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Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's in the flower garden today?

Hi everyone and welcome to Ten Gables Cottage! Toaday I thought I would brave the heat and take a little walk around the flower garden! The perwinkle is really doing well.
Zinnias are coming along well, too. I have to concentrate on hot weather flowers in Florida, so I plant more zinnia seed each week; that way I will hopefully have them even during the hottest summer weather. I love to bring them indoors and make colorful bouquets. I love to set up still life groupings with zinnias to paint!
Love these yellow ones with red stripes in the petals!
The crape myrtle is in full bloom. So pretty and the bees love them.
The butterflies love all the bright colors!
Speaking of color, check out the brilliant lime green of this little fellow! These lizards change color according to their surroundings.
He finally got on some bricks and turned brown, but was too quick for my camera!
And lastly, here is my disappointing sunflower! I planted a bunch of sunflower seeds and only got this one plant to make it! The others came up, but before our afternoon rains started, they all died except this one. However, is is short, the leaves look like they are
diseased and curling up, and the poor flowers is not very big. I don't know the variety as I planted several and did not keep the packages.  I think I needed to plant them earlier in the Spring.
Here's hoping your garden is full of lovely flowers, no lizards, but lots of butterflies!


  1. Hi, a fellow Florida Girl! Your flowers are gorgeous, who knows maybe the sunflower will turn around. We have had nothing but rain this week in Orlando...Guess that is good


  2. Your flowers are just lovely. I have never been able to grow a zinnia yet.

  3. Lovely flowers over there?
    May be the sunflowers attacked by aphid or white flies? I have this problem too!