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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Think Green--Happy St. Pat's Day!

Hi everyone,
If you didn't wear green today, I hope no one pinched you! Today, in American, we are certainly celebrating the Irish, wearing green, and loving every minute of it! There are parades in almost every city; we love the Irish! I thought I would take you on a walk through my green things...I mean the color green, not the environmentally green that we all hear so much about.The first photo is of beautiful green moss. Moss is one of my favorite things! So lush, cool and inviting!

My little green ceramic birds are really cute. I plan to put them in an arrangement of pussy willow and white dogwood blooms.

Don't you love clear colored glass in a window. You can have instant "stained" glass by just sitting some colored bottles in a window. Here are some green ones. Next, I have little tomatoes on the vine to show you! Yes, my tomatoes are already growing---this one is a Roma, I think. The plant is loaded with little green tomatoes.

I love this granite ware coffee pot in the most delicious shade of green. Probably out of the 40's this Pistachio color is making a great decorating comeback. All the magazines are featuring this color with pink and white. It has a nice cottage look, perfect for St. Patrick's Day!

The lovely vase shown here is a favorite of mine. It requires no flowers at all to look quite stunning. I like the color, the shape and the double handles.

My little seedlings are really growing. There is Cilantro, Basil, and some Parsley all in this pot. I hope they aren't too crowded to get a little bigger before I transplant them.

Now, think Shabby Chic green, because this chair is certainly that. It belonged to an aunt of mine and then to my mom. It was painted many times and I kind of like the flaking green paint over the white. It sits on my back porch and I actually use it when taking off my garden shoes!

Well, let us (lettuce) be happy on this St. Patrick's day and enjoy a big green salad with our traditional Corned beef.

Keep a look out for the little Leprechaun.. .. he has a few pranks up his sleeve, I'm told. This one is a Wade's figurine from a box of Red Rose tea---lots of people collect little Wade's figurines. Hope you enjoyed my little green blog.


  1. Happy St Paddys day! Your green tomatoes look really cute, high yield too. Alot of interesting greens in your post today. P.S. I've never heard anyone say about pinching in Ireland, wonder if the Americans came up with it?

  2. Dear Enegretta,
    This is indeed a very green post. Very nicely arranged. For us in the Netherlands we have no St. Patrick's day and it is nice to be with you to read this story.
    Here we learn so again.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog ... and indeed my tea set is also Franciscans (a member of the Wedgewood Group), is such a coincidence.
    Kind regards, Elly

  3. Hi Egretta, Belated happy St Patrick's Day. Green is one of my favorite colors and I also have a small collection of glass bottles sitting in my porch window.
    With regard to your questions on my winter walk post: I believe the Credit River may have flooded its banks in the past, but not since we have lived here. Our house sits not far above the water table and so we have 2 sump pumps in the basement that run 24/7.
    I have heard that the old mill can not be redeveloped until the city installs city sewers into our village. We are all on septic systems at the moment. It would be a truly wonderful spot for a gallery,museum or artist's studios.
    With regard to my background as an artist, I have a fine arts degree and worked for years and years in the art department of a wallpaper company. Then, I worked as a graphic designer for a high-end kitchen cabinet company. Most recently, I have begun to move away from corporate/commercial art and have begun to explore a new role as a fine artist. I am comfortable working with watercolors and can appreciate the time/care/talent that I see you put into your artwork.