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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let Us Eat Lettuce and other Joys

Hello everyone from Ten Gables,
I am so excited to see my Basil and Cilantro seedlings up and doing well! And guess what?!!

There will be a big fresh lettuce salad on the table tonight!!

All from my garden!

The next couple of photos are badly out of focus, but what can I say...I was in a hurry to pick some tender little lettuce for dinner!

I have three different types doing well in the garden. There is Rocquette,
Bibb, and Romaine.

I also have a pot of lovely basil going strong and today I cut the tips off (that makes it bush out more) and made a fresh tomato and basil pizza for lunch. Yum! I love basil. Did you know that it makes a delicious tea that will sooth a cold?

I have covered an old watering can with broken glass pieces saved from my antique shop, whenever anything was accidently broken. You just glue pieces on, then grout, like you would on tile. My next thing is to find a sprinkler to go on the spout. I am looking and will sometime find one.
While I eat that lettuce salad tonight, I will be thinking of you!
Here is my recipe: Fry up some thin sliced bacon until very crisp. Take out of the fry pan and remove most of the grease, but leave a couple spoons ful and add some fresh chopped green onion. Saute a few minutes, pour in 1/4 cup vinegar and pour this over your bowl of fresh lettuce. Salt and pepper to taste and add your crumbled bacon on top! My mother called this "Wilted lettuce". It really doesn't "wilt", but it sure has the flavor. Try it.

Happy Gardening! Egretta


  1. I envy you the fresh lettuce. It will be a couple of months before I can expect to get any from my garden. I sowed some Baby Leaf salad a couple of days ago, but even that will probably take several weekes to mature in our current low temperatures. I do have three mature Basil plants on my Dining Room windowsill though, which have successfully over-wintered.

  2. A very nice can and it's beautiful what you have made of it!!!!!!
    And what a delicious sal salad, yum, with fresh basil.
    Enjoy your meal.
    greetings from Elly.
    p.s My English: I'm doing my best.

  3. Love to snip fresh lettuce and spinach out of my containers on the back deck to spruce up my sandwiches and salads....so, so nice to do isn't it?

  4. Mark, I have a potted basil, big and doing great, but the one I recently planted in the garden has been eaten down to almost nothing by some "thing". Do you know what would eat up the whole plant, practically? Nothing else in the garden has been touched!

    Elly, your English is just fine. I love hearing from you!

    Darla,It is so nice to do a little snipping and eating from our plants! Thanks for looking at my blog.

  5. Egretta, the Basil-eating pest is most like;y the slug, I reckon. Maybe an Italian slug? Put some pasta in the flower-bed and see if it goes... :)

  6. Mark, I will put a tray of beer next to the plant (to go with the pasta). No, seriously, slugs will have a beer party and drown in it. I'll let you know. I have never seen slugs here before, but heaven knows we probably have every pest known to man!

  7. Fresh lettuce what a treat. Get those slugs drunk girl. LOL! You have the prettiest watering can going. I love the tiled work on it. You are so talented.

  8. Thanks, Hocking Hills Gardener! I enjoy your blog, too!