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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Busy as a Bee...

Hi everyone,
Seems like I am as busy as a bee, these days! But I took a little time to walk around the garden to show you what is happening here! First, the Bottle Brush tree is full of bloom...dense spikes of showy red stamens.... and the bees are going wild! You can see at least two on this bloom, and actually I think there were three, working away. Click on it for a closer view. This native tree of Australia is all over South Florida. Mine is planted behind the guest cottage and from the screen porch, one can see it easily, adding some bright color to the back garden.

It is loaded with blooms this year! As you can see by the sky, it is a beautiful day here today, about 75 degrees with a tiny breeze.

The yellow flowers are really showing up on this shrub!
It is the Allamanda, from Brazil and Central America.

I have planted several Butternut squash and the plants are coming along nicely. I will soon put some twine from the ground to the porch so they can run up if they so desire.

More yellow in the garden....some bright daisies. I love a splash of sunny yellow, especially where there is a lot of green things.

The ornamental Kale is really growing and I love the colors in it, as well.

Last, the hibiscus is blooming, loves the sunshine and will begin, now, to profusely bloom.

Ahhhh, Spring is so nice. Hope you have a great day, Egretta


  1. It looks a beautiful day in Florida. I like the bottle brush and the daisies look so sunny. And not one single insect nibble on your kale!

  2. Beautiful! I love bottle brushes. And allamandas. Alas, it gets too cold here for both of them. So nice to see them in your garden.

  3. Just stunning! Florida weather has been perfect hasn't it? Love the Hibiscus.

  4. Thanks for your comments! Florida weather has just been perfect. We know that hot weather is coming, but for now, it is just right!