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Friday, November 26, 2010

Radishes and Peas

Hi everyone,
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did and today I was really tired from all the cooking, cleaning up and then playing games with the two grandchildren. But it was a fun day and a day to count our blessings.
Today I got the Christmas tree up with the lights strung, but still have to pull out the ornaments. I have some amazing handcrafted ornaments made by a lady from Germany and I will share those with you later.
I wanted you to see the gorgeous radishes I bought at the market, which inspired me to grow some of my own and I have them planted, they are up and doing well. I will soon have radishes in the garden! I also planted peas and you can see they are doing well, too and I must make something for them to twine and grow on. I have never tried peas in Florida, although the natives here raise black eyed peas and call them just "peas". They don't shell them out, but cook them like you would green beans and they are delicious. But I have planted English peas and they are blooming now and I really need in the next day or two to drive down some stakes and string some twine so they will have some support. I love peas, so I hope to have a harvest!
My broccoli is finally forming florets and it looks great. I have had to water everything nightly as we have not had rain in at least 2 weeks.
Back to the radishes---notice how cute the little bouquet of radishes looks on the table---they were bound with a rubber band and formed a pretty bouquet.


  1. They look like they are doing great. Are they tall peas or shorties? Tall ones will need support, short ones benifit from some twigs to hold on to.

    Black-eyed peas are more like a bean and like the hot weather months while peas like cooler weather.

  2. Dear Egretta, I have never ventured into the realms of vegetable gardening but the idea of eating one's own produce is certainly very appealing. I wish you well and the peas certainly seem to have got off to a good start!

  3. Nickie, thanks so much for pointing out that there are tall peas and shorties. I do believe these are short ones, so I will do as you suggest and just put some twigs out for them to hold on to!

    Edith, Thanks for the good wishes. I do hope to have a harvest!!