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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Compact Collection

Hello from Ten Gables Cottage,
I am inside today with a nice flannel shirt on to keep warm! Can you believe in South Florida one needs a flannel shirt? Today it is cloudy and in the 50s. It has been down to 45 at night.
Here is a photo of my compact collection. Actually when my daughter was a teen, I started the collection for her. Later, when I said that she might like to take them to her house, she said that I enjoy them so much, maybe I should just keep them awhile! They are displayed in a glass topped table, along with the vintage camera. You can click on the photo to see them more clearly. My very favorite is a tiny army hat that opens and has a mirror and powder in it. It was sent to a lady by her son during World War II. There is one from the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship. You can see a beautiful big one in the back row made of the first plastics invented. Ladies would carry these beautiful compacts in their purses to check their make up occassionally. Now days, women never carry compacts. Sort of like hankies, they have no use anymore. Too bad. I think the older days were more genteel and ladies were truly ladies in those days.
Compacts have increased in value since I began collecting. I used to buy them for a few dollars each back in the 80's but now they are usually from $25.00 to $100. or more! Collecting is fun and I still think there are bargains to be had in old things. For instance, vintage hankies are only from $1 to $5 in most antique stores and they are fun to collect. For men, folding wooden measuring sticks are still reasonable, as well as old razors.
Having sold my partnership in an antique store, I recently opened a booth in an antique mall. Once hooked on antiques, one just seems to have to have a hand in buying and selling them!

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  1. I had a trip on the QE2 once -- I travelled on her to the Falkland Islands in the war with Argentina in 1982 -- I was in the Army then. Even in wartime, the ship was very luxurious.