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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Welcome to Ten Gables Cottage,
Is everyone ready for Halloween? I never get Trick or Treaters, although I buy candy and am prepared! When it is over, I end up eating all the candy! Our town has a big Halloween party for all children at the fair grounds and many different organizations give out goodies, and all the children dress up and go there, so it is safe and lots of fun.
I'm posting one of my small paintings. I did a still life of the little pumpkin and some guords and a sunflower, sat it on an easel and it sits in the den looking festive with all my other Fall decoations.
Tomorrow is Reformation Sunday at my church and in the afternoon, we will be having a proper Octoberfest meal. Then November will be here and we will begin thinking about Thanksgiving. What a busy and fun time of year!

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  1. Hi Egretta; I hope you will be writing about the Octoberfest meal... Your approach to cooking sounds a bit like mine. I use recipes as a guide, not as an instruction. Instinct / inclination plays a big part!