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Friday, June 17, 2011

Hot weather blooms and veggies....

Hi everyone and welcome to Ten Gables Cottage,

It has been tomato harvesting time and even though we have had very little rain, I have managed to get a few nice tomatoes. The first photo is of Romas and these are two of the biggest I got. Now I think the plant is almost spent, because it is fast turning brown!

We finally had a good rain, but it was through a dangerous storm that did some local damage and scared me terribly!

One of my three skylights in the studio was blown out and I am having a new one put in. There was no damage inside the studio, though.

These tomatoes are Better Boys and are quite nice. I still have one good looking tomato plant left, so I hope to have more---there are several green ones on it.

I purchased the cantaloupe at the local market and it is a home grown one from Florida, and really delicious. Even though it has been drought conditions, farmers irrigate their crops and Florida produces lots of veggies and melons and citrus for the rest of the USA.

Now for hot weather blooms that are doing nicely in the garden at Ten Gables. The Plumbago loves drained, sandy soil and hot weather and makes a lovely bush.

Still have some pinks and some pink and yellow purslane, which I call moss roses (below). They grow anywhere, re-seed and are supposed to be annuals, but they spring up here and there the next year after you plant them. They love the heat, though. The blooms fold up at night and open during the hot morning!

Hope you have lots of color in your garden, too, and some delicious veggies growing! Thanks for looking! Egretta


  1. My tomato plants had just started producing when it got so very hot here - now I think they're going dormant!!!! Boo hoo! :( Going to have to check into plumbago. Very nice.

  2. Great tomatoes Egretta. I wish mine were ready to pick.

  3. Wow, tomatoes already. I just got mine planted about three weeks ago. Nothing tastes any better than home grown. I love muskmelon and it is hard to find a good tasting one anymore. I wish I had another half acre to grow them.LOL! I was looking at your teabag holder collection.You have some beautiful ones. What a fun hobby that is. Have a wonderful weekend and try to stay cool.

  4. Your tomatoes look juicy, hope they are good. The flowers are really pretty too.

  5. Hi Egretta,

    You have tomatoes Already??
    I have none tomato plants in my garden.
    The Roma tomatoes are delicious.
    What a beautiful flowers. I like the colors you showed.
    I want to thank you for the nice comment on my blog.
    Have a nice weekend and lovely greetings, Elly

  6. I have a tomato in my garden - a little wildling which is self seeded. As we are in our winter months I have left it as an experiment to see whether it will survive into the spring and maybe even bear a fruit. It will be a strange experiment. Apart from that we are harvesting lots of parsley, spinach, silver beet and salad greens. I have a broccoli ripening also. In the summer time I will try some heirloom tomato varieties and send you some photos.