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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Collection of Tea Bag Holders

Hi friends and welcome to Ten Gables Cottage:
I just love collections of things and one of my favorites that I collect are tea bag holders. I use these (at least one) daily and lots of times I will put one at each place setting when I am having guests over.
I found this adorable little "trolley" holding four tea bag holders. It is handy to keep close to the tea table at the ready!

These beautiful little flowers also came with a holder and I use these often, as they look charming at each place setting. I am not sure they are actually for tea bags, but they work well and add color to the table settings.

These three are little plastic holders, very casual. They are souviners of Florida, which makes them very collectible. These are nice to use for quick, informal tea with friends, and especially nice if you are drinking an orange herb tea.

These cute fellows are made like various fruits and say"I will hold the bag"! These are fun and I have used them for tea with my grandchildren.

Here are more cute tea bag holders. It is amazing how many different ones you can find! They are useful and inexpensive to collect, as well as small, so you can easily buy a few and stash in your luggage when you travel. I adore the center one, which is quite large and is shaped like an English cottage.

Here is a pretty one from Holland.

Small, medium, or large, all will hold a tea bag!

When my collection gets a little large or I find one I like and replace one I don't care so much about, I will just give my guests a tea bag holder to take home with them...a momento of our happy visit drinking tea and eating little tea cakes and cookies.

Yesterday, I finished this painting with a tea theme......

Now it is time for me to have a nice cup of tea. I am having Constant Comment tea, a blend of black tea, oranges and spices...it is a nice light tea and perfect anytime. The china is Country Roses by Royal Albert, made in England.
The tea bag holder this time is actually a butter pat, but I find it makes a great tea bag holder!

Won't you join me?


  1. I'd love to have tea time with you. In the words of Carol Ronacher, "I love this tea thing!" What interesting tea bag holders you have! And your painting is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks, Kelli. " I love this tea thing", too! Think pavlova...or nice big scones.