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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

yellow day lilies and a Surprise in the garden...

Hi everyone from Ten Gables Cottage,
It is a hot time here....we are having temps in the high 80's. That has made the day lilies decide to bloom. I have yellow ones and orange ones. They are a cheerful sort of flower, I always think. It is too bad the blooms don't last longer.

Now for the garden surprise! Do any of you know the plant (or I should say weed) called Poke Sallad. alias Poke, Poke Sallet, Poke weed, etc. Well, I spotted a plant about a foot tall in the garden! Do you know that it is edible, although toxic! One must use young leaves and boil them three times, pouring off the water and getting fresh water after each boiling to help rid the plant of toxins. Then you cook them like you would any greens such as Kale. The Native Americans (Indians) used the root to treat inflamation. Others have used it for acne, tonsilitis and even weight loss. I am originally from Harlan, Kentucky and there they have a Poke Sallad Festival, one of only four in the U.S. I have eaten a bite or two of it and didn't find it appealing. And that was BEFORE I learned it is toxic! So..........out goes this weed; don't you think that is the best idea! One more thing.......I have heard "old timers" say to a child, "Well, you have gotten as tall as a Poke Stalk"!

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