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Monday, May 23, 2011

Making a new quilt---so much fun!

Hi everyone from Ten Gables Cottage,

I am as busy as a bee doing all kinds of creative things! It is hot here, so it is a good time to be indoors in the air conditioning working on a quilt. This one is called "Jeepers Creepers", perhaps because of the "creeping" vine that goes up it with appliqued flowers on it. I have been working on this for several monthes, but now that it is hot my efforts have been renewed. I hope to have it ready for the backing soon and ready to start quilting it. Right now it is the top, almost finished.

It might be called a scrappy quilt, as I am using different colored scraps, mostly in the light to mid color tones, with quite a bit of pink and light burgundy.

Here is a close up of one of the flowers. It is just three petals with a little circle center. This is my first time to applique. The side panels of the quilt are made of little 2 inch squares.

The stems were tricky to do, but the pattern I used had good instructions and they were easier than it appears.

This view shows the block panels on each side of the vine and flower panel. It will have a scalloped burder, which will mirror the movement of the stems. Quilting is really an art form. One must think about color, shape, negative spaces, overall design, value, etc. Many hours go into a quilt. No wonder the Amish sell their quilts for quite a bit of money!

When will this quilt be finished? I hope by the end of the summer. I will post the completed project when it is finished! Quilters, let me know what you think so far.


  1. Its really pretty. I love quilts with a white or cream background as it really shows off the design. Ever thought about posting a quilt a day to show off the many amazing quilts you have?!? So pretty!

  2. Egretta, I don't know where you find the time for all the beautiful craft work you do. You must be a quick worker.