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Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink Friday

Hi everyone,
It is a hot and muggy Friday in Florida and it feels more like Summer than Spring! It has been in the mid 90's all day and we need rain badly. I have been painting a mural on the dining room wall of a client, so all week I have been very busy and am not finished yet!
On the way home today, I stopped at the garden center to see the new plants and it was just beautiful there.

I noticed a good bit of pink flowers! So here are some pretty ones I spotted.

This bougainvillea is mixed pink and white and has been trained as a tree, clipped round. It is stunning and is priced at $160. , I believe. My neighbor, Margaret, works in the garden center and this plant is her favorite! I just had to stop and see it, and it is gorgeous.

I'm not sure of some of the names so here they are. Just look and enjoy! I am trying to decide just what I want to purchase for my flower garden. I have to consider the heat foremost and then the dry weather.

I think I definitely want some of the bromeliads. They love Florida weather!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Pretty flowers. Sounds hot in Florida. Its cold and rainy in Ireland.

  2. Very pretty. Love the pinks. I hope you get some rain. We finally got .3" - the beds seemed damp when I started working in them, but they were dry again by the end of the afternoon! :( Nice to have a friend that works in the garden center!

  3. Hi Egretta,
    Rose flowers are my favourites and you have made beautiful photos of more flowers that I like.
    We have finally got rain, so our plants have just get enough.
    Thanks fo ryour nice comment on my blog.
    Have a nice sunday, lovely greetings from the Dutch, Elly