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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lilies and Squash

Hi Everyone,

It is a lazy day at Ten Gables! After church, I took a quick walk in the garden. It is fairly hot today and I am anxious to get in my studio and work on my latest painting.

I was surprised to see that the tiger lily is blooming and it usually doesn't until last of May or first of June. Seems everything is a bit early this year.

The Peace lily is just full of bloom. It is in a shaded area, but still the tips of most of the flowers are suffering from the heat and lack of water, and are turning brown.

The Easter Lily is in its glory and smells so good. I wish the blooms would last longer.

Speaking of blooms, I have been seeing blooms on the butternut squash and upon a closer look, I see squash is forming. Here is a photo of a little one. That is so exciting for me, as I have never planted it before and it is getting so hot I was afraid the veggies wouldn't develop. I must keep them watered! Hope you have a nice afternoon and evening.


  1. Hope that squash makes it to maturity! It's a lovely veg, and it's so satisfying to grow your own ones.
    BTW: Thanks for trying to identify my white flower. I haven't made a positive ID yet, but I don't think it is Liriope, or Tradescantia / Spiderwort...

  2. Lovely flowers and an impressive squash! Squash is so yummy however I hardly ever buy and cook it. I have squash seed but didn't grow them as I didn't think ireland's weather would be great for them to grow.

  3. Hi Egretta,
    What a beautiful flowers and so nice that the squash is "coming".
    That must give satisfaction, I think.
    Dear greetings, Elly

  4. Do your peace lillies come back each year? Here in Kentucky we can only keep them in pots on patios and porches through the summer. They do not last through the winter unless moved inside.