Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh, Santa!

Christmas greetings from Ten Gables Cottage
Looking around the house, there are Santas galore! I did not realize how many Santas I have, so I decided to show you some of my favorites!
I love the Nesting Dolls from St. Petersburg, Russia that I bought at an outdoor market there. These are hand carved as well as hand painted. I suppose the lady is Mrs. Santa and maybe that is Santa, Jr. standing next to her. Love the snowman and tiny tree.
Next, is a tiny glass Santa from Stockholm, Sweden. I was there one September and exploring little shops in the old part of the city and found some beautiful tiny glass Santas and elves. He is just a little over an inch tall.

Here is a Santa made in Germany. I went to an indoor flea market there and found this vintage Santa. He is about 3 or 4 inches tall and I can tell he is very old, but in nice condition. His tree is shaped more like a rolling pin, but isn't he a cutie!

Here is another view of him on the kitchen counter to show you how tiny he is !

And this Santa is an Annalee figure, with handpainted features. They used to be made in the U.S. , I believe in New Hampshire, but now I see they are being made in China. Still, the details are nice. This one is ready for bedtime and has a hot water bottle in his hand!

An Annalee mouse dressed as a Santa. I love his painted face.

On the front porch of Ten Gables cottage, there is an old rickshaw!
I find it very hard to get anyone to volunteer to pull it! So, Santa has taken it over and is sitting there until a reindeer happens along to get him going on his way! This Santa is nylon and poor thing somehow has lost his belly!

I bought this pole Santa from a crafter at a local crafts show. He is handpainted and has a little hook for a wreath in front and he stands guard at the back porch steps.

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  1. What wonderful Santas, all very different. I think my favourite is the Annalee one with the hot water bottle.