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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cheater Quilts make great gifts!

What is a cheater quilt??

It is a quilt that is printed on fabric and all you do to make a quilt is to add batting between it and a backing fabric and then quilt around the pattern already printed on. It makes it fast and easy to finish a quilt!

Here are some small "Cheater" quilts I have made that are perfect wall hangings or can be used on a small table, on back of a sofa, etc.

I embellished some of them with colored buttons and used colored quilting threads. They go very fast and make gifts that everyone loves.

You can buy cheater quilt tops on the net or at fabric stores and they not only come in holiday patterns, but many others as well.

Is it time to start thinking about next year?Who on my list would like a "cheater" quilt?

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  1. They are really pretty! My fabric shopping has to be all on the net now as we don't have a local store that sells fabric anymore :(