Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Friday, December 17, 2010

Taking a Walk

Greetings from Ten Gables Cottage,

I hope you are having a fun day and staying warm. My sister-in-law called from Virginia and they got snow last night, as did lots of places. It has warmed up here and I thought I would post some photos taken around the house and yard.

There is a nice little birds nest from last Spring in a small Crape Myrtle tree. I have heard that every Christmas tree should have a bird nest somewhere in it for Good Luck! Has anyone else heard of such a thing?

Just before the freeze, I had the boxwood trimmed , but it did not hurt it in the least. It is close to my studio, though, so probably was protected. Plus boxwood is hardy.

In the front yard the two huge Live Oak trees have lost most of the leaves and acorns are all over the place. The squirrels are having a field day out there all the time. There is so much Spanish Moss in the trees, but with every wind, some falls out and then has to be picked up.

The photo was taken late in the day when the sun was just beginning to go down, so the back light on the moss looked reddish. Very pretty.

The cold did not seem to bother the Pygmy Palm group in the front garden.
The weather forecast is for more cold next week.

Only a week til Christmas! I hope you are being really creative and making you preparations special!

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