Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Paintings # 5 and 8, vacation in Micanopy

Hi Everyone, I just returned from a mini vacation with my hubby to celebrate our anniversary. We spent a few days in Micanopy, Florida, which is near Gainesville .It is a tiny historic town full of antique shops and quaint cottages and Victorian houses. More on that, but above is my number 5 painting in the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. I actually did numbers 6 and 7 but will save them for later when I am pressed for time. I was away from computers (oh, joy and peace) so could not post. Isn't it fun to kind of go back in time and enjoy olden things, quiet times, wandering through nature and the like. I love that kind of vacation! # 5 is titled "Hibiscus Duet" and it was done from  a flower that I picked. I painted another flower ;t seems 2 might be better than one! Hope you like it.

This is number 7 and is titled "Blue Shutters". It is really done from my imagination, but I have seen many beautiful window boxes in European countries, especially, and they always have such charm.
This is the beautiful Herlong Mansion in Micanopy, Florida, which is now a bed and breakfast.  We have actually stayed in the Mansion several times, but this time elected to try the Carriage House on the grounds.
see below
Isn't this so cute and quaint! The inside is really pretty and I will show that another time. It is nestled in the live Oak trees and the one by the porch is a Southern Magnolia. Leaves are beginning to turn a bit there, as it it is further north than where I live in South Florida and the nights were nice and cool.

Downtown, is a street with old buildings full of antique shops, ice cream parlor, eateries, book stores, and the like. There is a nice bakery and a museum, all on a short street so you can walk to everything.

This is an entrance to a property on a side street and it reminded me so much of one quite like it that I saw in Northern Ireland. It reminds one of a fence that might be around a cemetery or an abbey.
That's my little tour for today. Hope you like the paintings and I will show you more of Micanopy later.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Egretta. You must have had a lovely time and the B and B. I love the little carriage house. Very quiet and private. I am enjoying your art. From one who struggles to draw a straight line with a ruler, I admire artists who can paint what they see.

  2. Thanks, Ann. I always enjoy your blog, too and it is so nice to make blogger friends. Enjoyed seeing your grandchildren helping with the horses.

  3. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you had a good trip to Micanopy. Looks like nice scenery and relaxing.