Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Painting #17 and 18 and Photos

Hi Everyone, 
My favorite models were these delicious McIntosh Apples and this is painting number 13 in the challenge. I had just washed them and the beads of water were still clinging to them. I loved how this painting turned out.

Number 18 is "Key West Cottage". It was one of those paintings not planned, just done. I just sat down with no preconceived idea and started painting, not even knowing what the subject matter would be. It was a HAPPENING!  I am chuckling as I write this, but that is how I painted this one. At first, it looked hopeless, but it finally shaped up. Not my favorite, but it is o.k
Going through my camera to see what I might have shot with hopes of painting, I found a few interesting things. This bull, for instance. Doesn't he look sweet...I didn't get too close to find out.

This kitty, on the other hand, does not look too sweet to me, but he was. I was at a park, plein air painting and he accompanied me all the way! Nice company.
This might be "a worried look" or maybe just a "what are you doing look".

These flowers on the fence could work for a painting....hummmm.

This last one was taken in Micanopy. It is not a toy, but a real abandoned truck peeking out of the vines.I took this photo from the car. Wish I had gotten out and taken more, but maybe I can paint from this in the future.

I messed up and left this painting  off and I have already shown you the apples before. Very hard to keep up with the numbers. Anyway this one was really #17. This one turned out really well, I thought, and was fun to paint.

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