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Sunday, September 22, 2013

#21 and #22 Paintings and my Student's Watercolor Exhibition

Hello Everyone, Today I am posting # 21 and # 22 in the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. It has been a bit hectic at times getting a painting done each day, but because they have been small, it is doable! The one above is of a pretty brown crockery bowl filled with decorative gourds. Both it and the one below were done in water soluble oils on 6 x 6 gessoed panels and to photograph them is difficult because they are square. So in both photos a part is not shown.

"Window in the Tropics"

I taught 14 students this summer in a Watercolor class. Some went on vacation a few weeks, but normally, there would be 10 or 12 there each week for 12 weeks. They were all beginners in watercolor, although some had painted before with oils or acrylics. So today, you will see their show!

Here we are before the show started. They brought cookies to serve and each one painted 5 book marks to give as gifts to our guests. I will show some of them tomorrow . I have lots of photos to share, but today we will get started by showing you only some of them. You can click on any one of the photos to get a closer view.

The exhibit was held at the Peace Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall. It was amazing how many works they created in the twelve weeks. The way I teach is not for them to copy what I have done. I would demonstrate what technique we would be doing and the subject matter, such as flowers, and talk about aspects of painting and then they were urged to create their own individual painting. They did a super job every time!

Here are some of the crowd enjoying the paintings.
If you enlarge this, you can see them a bit better.

At first, I intended to mix up every one's work, but then several of the artists wanted to group their own together, so we did so and it was probably easier for people to know who did what. We had each artists name in front of her table. The ones on the rack were mixed together, however.

One of our sessions was painting animals and trying for character above all else. 

They did a round painting, which was lots of fun, and they learned how to make a pleasing composition in the round.

One of the ladies also started a sketch book for watercolors while she was on vacation (above)

I want my students to know that they were awesome and I enjoyed each one of them very much. I was truly amazed at how much they accomplished in 12 weeks and look forward to our next session starting in January. If you do not see your work here, ladies, you may see it tomorrow, because I still have lots of photos to share!
So I hope you have enjoyed the exhibit so far and I will be posting more. Have a great day!

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