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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Garden in Florida

Hi everyone and welcome to Ten Gables,
We are having less humid weather, but still in the 80's. My cabbage is growing as you can see, but looks a little wilted today as the sun is very hot. This is one of the few days we haven't had a good storm. Maybe yet..........
My pepper plant has a little pepper already growing! I am excited and hope it will keep having blooms and grow larger. I see a little zinnia seedling coming up in the corner of this photo....see it? I had lots of zinnia's this summer and as they went to seed, I  scattered the seed all over on top of the ground on the mulch and they, being very hardy, are coming up everywhere! I don't mind. If one pops up somewhere I don't like, I'll just pull it up.
In front of the house is a small yellow  tree called Cassia. It blooms in Fall and Spring but much better here in Fall. It needs pruning soon, maybe after it quits blooming, if it doesn't turn cold. Do you think it ever turns cold here? Well, yes, I have seen hard freezes in December, January and February. However, we never have but a few days of cold weather and then it is back to warm again! Maybe a week of really cold out of the year. Winters are grand here in Florida!
I planted some Cosmos in the Spring and they reseeded themselves for Fall. They look pretty behind my veggies.
Here is a Tropical plant that has some pretty reds for Fall. It is a Dracena or Ti Plant. Leaves are up to 2 feet long and is a pretty specimen plant. The leaves are beautiful in simple floral arrangements. Hope you have enjoyed my garden walk today!

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  1. Our garden in done. Finito. Good idea to reseed the zinnias. They will be awesome.