Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Fall Garden Walk

Hi everyone, 
Are you enjoying Fall in the area where you live? Here in Florida, it is still warm (in the low 80's) during the day and nice and cool (60-70) at night. Today is a bit cloudy and we have some pretty nice breezes! I thought I would show you how my little garden is growing. It is between the driveway and the guest cottage front yard. As you can see I use marigolds and zinnias around the cabbage and broccoli to deter insects. It always seems to work well and I get nice broccoli and cabbage with no worms eating them! The mulch helps, too.
Well. I just noticed that this photo is sideways and it is supposed to be up and down! Just lean you head over a bit. That's it....don't strain your neck now...o.k. I think you can see an egg plant and some basil mixed in among the flowers and there stands my old plow, which has needed repair and painting for quite some time now!  (it is on my list....that awful to do list!)
Tomato plant, looking good. It even has a bloom or two already!
On each side of the steps, I've placed a pot of mums. Love this photo shot, looking through the Pygmy palms.
Not much in the line of Autumn colors here, though. The grass is still really green and things are blooming .
Too much water has turned the leaves on this Desert Rose, which is in a pot by the garage door. It is really in full bloom now, though, and gives a happy splash of color by the door.

Happy Autumn!

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  1. Hope your veg plants do well. Your garden looks really pretty and tidy!