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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big Birthday Bash!

It was my grandson's, Andrew's fourteenth birthday Sunday and we went to Jaxson's in Davie, Florida
for lunch and HUGE ice cream treats. Here is Andrew with a huge strawberry waffle with strawberry
sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipping cream. It was awesome! Happy Birthday, Andrew!

I have been extremely busy the last week or so clearing out my studio, getting rid of all kinds of things I
no longer need or want! The worst culprit is stacks of magazines. Yes, I will admit it. I am a magazine hoarder! It is awful how many magazines I have kept over the past 10 years. I started out looking through them one by one. That lasted about a day with only a few in the KEEP pile and a lot in bags to donate. The next day, I became less selective and just pitched all of them either in a throw away pile of a donate pile. Finally they are
all gone and I have a whole empty book shelf! It looks great, I feel great and I will never, never save magazines again!. If I want to keep a page or two just until I can do the project, then I fixed a notebook for that. But once the project is either done or too much time has gone by, I will get rid of that page. How liberating it is to have more space and less "STUFF".That is one of the beauties of the internet! Magazines are on the net, too, so you
can find those projects you want to do there and not have to hoard the magazine. However, still, I am a person who likes to hold the paper magazine in my hands, carrying it around with me wherever I go. Which do you like best? online magazines or in hand magazines?


  1. I have to laugh, Egretta, because I have gone through the same purging. I, too, have collected magazine. I had a wide range, but mostly gardening. I even had a stack of Barbie magazine, which I think I did throw away after we moved. Now I hear that the magazine is no longer in print. Darn. Should have saved them. My little granddaughters now into Barbie would love them. But you can't save everything. I turned to blogging to replace my magazine addiction. I still stop by the magazine stand in the super market and look, but really try hard to resist. They are becoming so expensive these days. Congratulations on your purge.

  2. I love books and magazines - nothing beats holding and reading a book or magazine (paper print version)! I have done a clear-out recently too. I got rid of house decor mags as they tend to go out of style. But the other night I kinda wish I hadn't thrown them out. I like looking at old trends. I have loads of gardening mags too but the information doesn't go out of date so I'm keeping most of them. Libraries are being closed in the UK because people don't use them anymore which I think is a shame. Kindels are part to blame.

  3. Ann, you are right about magazines being so expensive! I think I gave away at least 200 magazines!! Bad girl for letting them accomulate.
    Kelli, it is such a shame that libraries are closing. I notice our library has lots of other attractions to draw people in, like lectures and displays, etc. A few years ago, I went in to find information and after seaching for the "card catalog" and not finding it, I asked the librarian where it was. She informed me that I now had to look up the book I wanted on the computer. It took me 6 times as long and wasn't near as good as the old card catalog! Plus the card catalog was made of beautiful oak wood...I asked what they did with it and they had given it to some lucky person.